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Castle Dunscaith, shown above, was the home of the McQuiston family at least by 1469, when Uisdean MacDonald (known historically as Hugh of Sleat) received official confirmation of his title to the peninsula of Sleat on the Isle of Skye, which is located off the western coast of Scotland. However, he initially received a grant to Sleat as early as 1449 and in 1461 he signed a charter for his brother John, last Celtic Lord of the Isles, as "Hugh of Sleat." His first son, also named John, was born in or just before 1460, and a second son, Donald, was on his way within that same year, so 1460 is as good a year as any to date the birth of our name . . . a name which is now (as of 2010) 550 years old!

Uisdean's first four sons are recorded as some version of MacUisdean. This family name has developed into many different spellings over the last 550 years. The year 1460 is the most likely birth year of the name, and Dunscaith Castle is the most likely place where that birth happened. I have been researching this family's history for a few decades and have been online with it since 1996. This website contains the most comprehensive history of the McQuiston family (with all its spellings) that has ever been or will likely ever be written. Click on the castle drawing to enter the website . . . and enjoy.

Jim McQuiston

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